Historic Day for LGBT Equality in Minnesota

Today marks a truly historic day for supporters of marriage equality! Monday afternoon, the state legislature passed a bill that will give same-sex couples the right to marry. Today, at 5 p.m., Governor Mark Dayton will sign that bill into law.

Governor Dayton has been a huge supporter of marriage equality in the state, even speaking at a rally stating that marriage is “a constitutional right and an American right to marry who you love.”

This makes Minnesota the 12th state to support marriage equality! Even though support  has reached a record high nation-wide in recent polls, we know we still have a ways to go until all LGBT couples in all states have the rights to marriage equality.

We have a lot of momentum on our side, but a bigger battle still looms as we wait to see what will happen with the SCOTUS decisions set to come out in the near future.

But with recent wins on marriage equality in Rhode Island, Delaware, Maine, Washington, and Maryland, I think there’s a sigh of relief among most of the LGBT community that “….we might just make it after all.”

MTM marriage equality


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